Het Eiland

We're building a modern brand for a fitness club in Antwerp

Sportclub Het Eiland has a dedicated community of members. The brand is built around their values: self-improvement, no showing-off and getting a serious workout done together.

Mast services: brand strategy & positioning — branding — content & digital marketing — website — online sales improvement

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Het Eiland

We created a personalisation platform that helps brands interact with their audience

The platform enables people to be creative with a brand by customizing products or gadgets. A great way for brands to grow their audience & improve brand perception.

Used by MTV and Freixenet

Mast services: digital strategy — UI design — development

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We designed a digital platform for the Urban Crafts community

We empowered the Urban Crafts community by creating a web platform where you can discover exciting makers and vote for your favorite ones.

Mast services: digital strategy — website — photography

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Other companies worked with

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